Detailed Financial Statements Course Review 2019

Forex traders, stock traders and bonds traders among others can make better decisions when they have a basic knowledge of financial statements. Once you start trading based on your own trade ideas (for those who dont know how to trade the market and how to find trade ideas, dont hesitate to read our Trade Ideas review today and if you like use this actionable tips within the trade ideas promo code section. It could make a big change for your personal trading).

Unfortunately, not all traders have a good knowledge of financial statements.

This course is about the analysis of financial data, which entails reviewing the financial documents of a company with the purpose of making important economic decisions.

These statements cover such things as cash flow statement, balance sheet and income statement. It also entails the analysis of a company’s statement of retained earnings.

Continue reading and discover how this Udemy course can change your understanding of financial analysis and how it can influence the manner in which you make crucial business decisions.

financial statement understanding

financial statement understanding

Targeted persons for financial statement courses

Financial statements training are targeted at all executives in functional areas who do not have solid financial background.

It is also geared towards the needs of traders and potential traders who would like to understand how to interpret the financial statements of a company that they want to trade.

Traders who have not gone through formal business school will benefit incredibly from enrolling in this Udemy course.

Requirements for the financial statements course

To access the course, you should have a working computer or an android phone with a good internet access.

What you will learn with financial statements course

After the course, you will have learned several important things that include:

  • Understanding of financial-statements.
  • Understanding of the important components that make financial statements.
  • Analyze and compare the financial-statements of one or more companies over a couple of years.
  • Understand how to use and interpret internal and external financial reports for decision-making purposes.
  • Read and comprehend different financial statements that can be used for both internal and external purposes.
  • Improve your ability to forecast and manage your financial resources in a much better manner.
  • Enhance your ability and effectiveness in strategic planning and decision-making.

Financial statements analysis Course content

The financial-statements analysis course covers topics such as:

  • Introduction to financial- statements and analysis: This covers income statements, balance sheet and cash flow statement. You will also be able to learn financial statement linkages.
  • Financial-statement analysis: This topic helps you understand how to read financial statements, do comparative analysis and do some basic analysis of income statement and balance sheet.
  • Ratio analysis: This lesson covers a number of ratios that are used to determine various aspects of a business. Among the common ratios are profitability ratios, liquidity ratios, debt ratios and many more.


Financial statements analysis skills are necessary have for any business executive.

Whether you have a financial background or not, the manner in which this course is designed makes it interesting and easy to learn for anyone.

The course content is developed by a finance professional who understands how to present the content in a concise and straightforward manner.

Everything that pertains to financial statements has been put together in a manner that makes the course an easy learning experience for any interested person.

The Udemy course contains real life examples that are much easy for anyone to understand.