Trade Ideas Chat Room: Free Access

The Trade Ideas Trading Chat Room was implemented five years ago. Today, the number of traders accessing the room grew over time to a daily average of about 1,000 traders.

As mentioned in Trade Ideas Review, the chat room is an excellent opportunity for everyone to learn what Trade Ideas A.I. Pro is all about. You should log in today. It’s an exceptional place for day trading ideas, swing trading discussions, and penny stock alerts.

Now, let’s have a closer look at the Trade Ideas chat room benefits, the login-details, and strategies being used by the moderator.

Trade Ideas Chat Room

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About Trade Ideas Chat Room

The Trading Room Moderator is Barrie Einarson. Barrie shares his desktop every single trading day with you. You can see him trading live and learn how he picks a trade and why. He is telling you how he is managing the trade, and you can ask your questions right away.

But not only is Barrie teaching you how to succeed in today’s markets with Trade Ideas Pro, but also Dan Mirkin (CEO of Trade Ideas LLC) is a regular participant in the room.

What a great opportunity to chat with the CEO!

The chat room is open every trading day from 9:00 AM ET until 3:30 PM EST.

The probably most important and incredible fact is that access is free for everyone. All you need to do is to click here to join the room now.

Free Chat Room Access

In the Trade Ideas Chat Room intraday trading, day trading and swing trading ideas are being discussed. Barrie holds some stocks overnight, but most of the trades are based on day trading techniques. Since the beginning, he mainly trades based on two specific setups. Subscribers

There are even more opportunities to be taught by Trade Ideas LLC for free. Trade Ideas webinars take place every week, and there is a free Trade of the Week Newsletter that always provides you with a new trading strategy.

All those things are free. You don’t have to be a subscriber of Trade Ideas Pro. Sign up to the free Trade of the Week Newsletter today and enjoy a free Trading Strategy in your inbox every single week or save up to 25% of your first Trade Ideas subscription with this trade ideas promo code.

And by the way, as a Trade of the Week subscriber, you receive great discounted offers and coupons frequently. Subscribe today and save big! Make sure to read the complete Trade Ideas Review first and learn more about Trade Ideas Pro features and advantages.


Trade Ideas offers excellent educational and trading tools. Most people initially start watching YouTube videos and joining the free Trade Ideas trading chat room.

Barrie Einarson, the moderator of the room, will educate you and point out stocks that are moving.

He has a lot of experience, and it is beneficial to listen to him. Chat room participants can also interact with the community of more than 1,000 traders in the room.

There is no better way to get a better understanding of Trade Ideas Pro, the functionalities, and benefits.

Trade Ideas Chat Room Questions and Answers

Are trade ideas free?

Yes, the trade ideas mentioned in the trading chat room are entirely free. All you need to do is to log in to the room. Start listening to the moderator by looking at his trading screen at the same time.

Can I see live charts?

You can see live charts for the stocks that the moderator analysis at a particular moment. Chat members can ask Berrie questions about his opinion regarding a specific stock.

Whare is Trade Ideas located?

Trade Ideas is located near San Diego, California. The trading software can be used from any device. A web-based app, mobile-app and desktop-app are availabe.

What makes the Trade Ideas chat room unique?

The free access, stock screener screen share, and the audio comments by the moderator Barrie Einarson make the chat room a unique go-to place for traders.