Trade Ideas Chat Room – Attend For Free & Learn

The Trade Ideas Trading Chat Room was implemented 3 years ago and the number of traders accessing the room grew over the time to a daily average of about 400 traders.

As mentioned in our Trade Ideas Review, the chat room is a great opportunity for everyone to learn what Trade Ideas Pro is all about. You definitely should login today. Its a great place for day trading, swingtrading and penny stock alerts as well.

The Trading Room Moderator is Barrie Einarson. Barrie shares his desktop every single trading day with you. You can watch him live, how he picks a trade, he is telling you how he is managing the trade and you can ask your questions right away.

But not only Barrie is teaching you how to succeed in today markets with Trade Ideas Pro, also Dan Mirkin (CEO of Trade Ideas LLC) is a regular participant of the room.

What a great opportunity to chat with the CEO! (When you buy certain products from some of the sites which we link to, we may earn a small share of the revenue).

The chat room is open every trading day from 8:30 AM ET until 4:00 PM ET

Use the link below to connect to the Trade Ideas Chat Room right awa.

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Free Chat Room

Trade Ideas Chat Room

In the Trade Ideas Chat Room intraday trading / day trading and swing trading ideas are being discussed (What is a chat room?). Barrie holds some stocks over night but most of the trades are based on day trading techniques.

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