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Most Trade Ideas Promo Codes you find on the internet don’t work. Websites claim to get you a discount of 50% and higher just to disappoint you in the end. Once you follow their Trade Ideas promo code link, you’ll realize that there is no 50% discount – and it never was!

I’ve been a Trader Ideas user for over ten years now, and such a discount just never existed. The absolute maximum of all discounts ever provided over the past years was a coupon that gave you 25% off. The discount is usually 15%, and sometimes, they provide you with a 20%, or 25% Trade Ideas discount.

I get any promo code emails directly from Trade Ideas with all the exact deal conditions and provide you with the best possible promo code below.

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Trade Ideas Discount and Coupon

Like I said before, most of the time it is a discount of 15%, sometimes it is 25% or 20% Off. The discount works for the Trade Ideas Standard subscription and the Trade Ideas Premium subscription. It is always valid for the first payment circle.

That means that if you apply the Trade Ideas Promo Code to an annual subscription, you get 15%-25% off on your first year. If you subscribe to the monthly payment plan, you get 15%-25% off the first month. That’s again something where many websites leave you in the dark or use wording that suggests that it is a permanent discount. But it is not. Trade Ideas never provides a permanent discount offer.

The maximum savings you can get with a Trade Ideas subscription and the promo code is $500 on the Trade Ideas premium annual plan when the 25% discount is available. That’s because the highest subscription plan is Trade Ideas Premium and the annual retail price for it is $1,999.

And 25% off from $1,999 is about $500.

Above, I linked the latest promotion with the highest-possible discount. Now I’m going to explain to you alternative options to save money on your Trade Ideas subscription. However, no matter what, you can always save a maximum of 25%.

If you want to save right away without waiting for a special promotion, use the link below in conjunction with the Trade Ideas Promo Code.

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Trade Ideas Trade of the Week: Promo Code via Email

As a Trade of the Week subscriber (provided by Trade Ideas directly), you regularly receive great discounted offers (Promo Codes / Coupons) with savings between 15% and up to 25% via email.

To receive a full working Trade Ideas Promo Code from Trade Ideas directly is a significant advantage. However, those Promo Codes are only one advantage.

As a Subscriber to the Trade Ideas Trade of the Week, you will receive a Trade Ideas Artificial Intelligence-based Trade Idea every single week for free, along with access to other free services provided by Trade Ideas.

So, the Trade Ideas Trade of the Week (TOW) is another excellent opportunity, especially for beginners who want to get first impressions of the powerful Trade Ideas Pro market scanner.

As a subscriber to the Trade Ideas Trade of the Week, you receive a new trade idea in your inbox every week along with Trade Ideas Promo Codes.

How does it work?

  1. Sign up for the Trade of the Week – it is for free!
  2. Every single week you receive a new email from Trade Ideas.
  3. You receive a full working Trade Ideas Promo Code multiple times per year
  4. You get exclusive access to Trade Ideas events and webinars.
  5. Follow the link to the Trade Ideas Trade of the Week and get free access to the Trade Ideas Trading Room as well!

As a subscriber, you receive even more detailed information about the selection. You learn more about how the trade was identified, the technical conditions, how trades like this can be found by yourself, and more about why this stock has been selected.

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Trade Ideas Test Drive

In addition, Trade Ideas also holds a Test Drive event 5 times per year where you can test Trade Ideas for $11.11 for 2 weeks with all premium features. But the catch is that the starting date for the event differs from year to year. That’s why a subscription to the free Trade Ideas Trade Of The Week newsletter is a good idea. As a subscriber, you get not only notified when a new discount is available. You also get notified about the Trade Ideas test drive.

However, those who don’t like to receive the free newsletter can register exclusively to get notifications about the next Trade Ideas test drive. The information is typically provided about 14 days before the Test Drive starts.

Click here to get notified automatically once the next Trade Ideas Test Drive starts.

Free Trade Ideas eBooks

Trade Ideas published 5 free trading ebooks that you can download below:

  1. Active Investing for The Passive Trader: The eBook is written by Sean McLauglin & Michael Naus and teaches custom investment strategies for long-term investors.
  2. Earnings Season: How to Use It In Your Trading: The eBook is written by Trade Ideas CIO Dave Mabe and provides insightful angles on how to think about earnings and how to scan for them properly.
  3. My Favorite Trading Strategy Indicators is another eBook by Dave Mabe and he teaches how to use trading indicators within a trading strategies and explains the role of charts and relative volume.
  4. Range Break and Pullbacks by Andy Lindloff and Jamie Hodge: The eBook focuses on range breakouts and pullbacks to major support levels.
  5. Solid Swing Trading Concepts is an eBook written by Steve Gomes and Barrie Einarson. It explains four essential rules for swing trading and goes into risk management. The eBook is great for swing traders.
  6. Finally, the eBook 5 Ways to Win In a Post BTFD Market explains what to do once a market trend ends and how to prepare for it properly with the right tools and knowledge.

Trade Ideas Chat Room

The Trade Ideas chat room is available for free to everyone. Here, Berrie, the trading chat room moderator, shares his trading desk during the active trading hours. This way you can see, how he he analyzes and trades the markets. If you like to network and exchange ideas with others, you will be happy here. It is free for all (registered) traders who want to clarify questions or swap ideas with other traders and the TI team.

Click here to join the Trade Ideas Chat Room now.

The Trade Ideas chat room is a good starting point for traders who would like to see the Trade Ideas software in action. However, there are no specific trading signals provided.

Trade Ideas Features at a Glance

There are so many great resources. Most of them are for free. That’s a big plus in my opinion. Other companies try to hide as much as possible, but Trade Ideas is transparent and customer friendly.

At Trade Ideas website, you will find tons of free resources providing you a great opportunity to take a shortcut in learning.

The most important thing is to start investing, especially day trading with virtual money instead of real money.

Do your bank account a favor. Stay with this rule, trading even Trade Ideas scanned stocks day in and day out on paper only.

Do this until you make constant money with paper trading. Only when you make money regularly consider taking it to the next investment level.


Because if you can not make it profitable paper trading the financial markets, then you will never be trading real money.

The Trade Ideas Promo Code can reduce your first purchase expenses by 15%-25%.

The Claim for Premium

With Trade Ideas (TI) LLC, we are now looking at one of the best-known, long-standing and most prominent stock screening platforms.

This raises the question of how the undoubtedly large range of functions and the advanced technology converge with the need for quick operation and usability.

We also take a more in-depth look at the offer: What is relevant for trading, and where does it support everyday practice?

And: What’s the user-friendliness for beginners, what’s the price structure, and are price tiers appropriate for the respective services?

Investors and Market Professionals From Over 65 Countries

For about 20 years now, Trade Ideas LLC has been a well-known address for traders, investors and market professionals in over 65 countries.

Founded in 2002, Trade Ideas has become one of the leading online platforms focusing on active, professional traders and hedge funds.

Trade Ideas is a stock screening tool providing traders with various built-in scans and preconfigured scanner settings.

This gives investors a thoroughly screened stock analysis. The platform displays in real-time, which shares just generated news, where prices are about to break in or crash.

In addition, TI makes trading proposals: for example, which stocks to buy or where to fold.

In short, a sophisticated system with even an Artificial Intelligence (AI) that allows traders to remain active in the market, even if they have no time for analysis before trading stocks.

Professional Tools With AI Engine

With its many development steps, the TI platform presents itself with bandwidth and depth. A wealth of functions and possible scans, as well as screenings, is the result.

To remain user-friendly, there is, for example, a channel bar with a tabular menu (topics and variants). Graphics explain the individual categories well and allow to navigate the platform intuitively.


While the charts are not all that crucial, it is practical that they allow a visual display of alarms as well as entry and exit points. Likewise, the charts can be scaled, lines and arrows drawn or even notes embedded.

Strategy Scanner

Besides the numerous ways to combine strategies, many integrated and preconfigured scan parameters are offered.

Alarm Window

This is a window in which the hits of the scans are displayed in an overview of the alarms.

The daily (sales) alarms and history can be easily viewed by scrolling down the window.

Thus, the window with the warnings and events filtered out in real-time is a particularly useful tool for traders.

Other Scans

In addition to chart and alarm windows, the TI platform also displays several other windows: top lists, “Compare Count, “or “Full Quote. “

The “Top Lists “windows provide an overview classified according to market data and are updated every 30 seconds. “Compare Count “shows comparisons of two strategies of your own choice updated in real-time.

“Full Quote “windows provide a complete overview of basic, price-determining data for individual stocks. Here you can see the most relevant indicators at a glance.

Backtesting via “OddsMaker”

The feature is only available with a Premium subscription. Unlimited backtesting is possible using the so-called “oddsmaker, “a powerful tool that can help traders optimize their strategies before they start trading.

Within a short time, the probabilities of each strategy can be determined.

Likewise, parameters (like stock size, commission, and seed capital) may change their impact on probabilities. This allows the parameters of a strategy to be optimized individually.


Compared to other stock screeners such as Finviz, Finbox or StockRover, the offer here is rather modest: There is no streaming newsfeed.

However, the messages can be read in detail by clicking on the headlines.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A special and outstanding feature beyond the functionality of other stock screeners is the AI engine-controlled Trading Assistant called “Holly Grail. “

The software should help to eliminate emotions from trading as far as possible. Only those AI-based strategies accessed have a historical success rate of over 60% and a profit factor of 2:1.

The “Holly Grail “trading works like this by dividing strategies into manageable concepts (minimum 35). Each concept should help beat the market as soon as it is closed.

In practice, this means the AI system does all the trader’s work for him, thus saving a lot of time.

Overnight, the essential technical and social data is then scanned to provide a morning watch list with the best results of the preferred strategies and stocks the next day.

This will then be updated and displayed in real-time throughout the day in an AI Strategies window, where traders can take over the trades or just watch.

Prices for Newcomers and Market Professionals

The free, feature-restricted version of Trade Ideas gives access to a live moderated trading chat room and work areas with time-delayed (15-20 minute) prices display.

The “Standard “version offers a standalone platform, including:

  • Free TI features (chat room and channel bar)
  • Real-time streaming offers and trading ideas
  • 10 simultaneous charts
  • 10 / up to 500 price alerts
  • Chart-based visual trading support

Annual Fee $ 999, or $118.00 month-by-month

The “Premium “version offers everything as in the standard version and additionally:

  • 20 simultaneous charts
  • 500 price alarms
  • Entry and exit signals
  • Risk assessment and build / backtesting functionality
  • Create and backtest a trading idea
  • AI engine “Holly Grail”
  • AI controlled trading assistant

Annual fee $ 1.999, or $ 228.00 month-by-month

Trade Ideas Promo Code Conclusion: Is The Stock Scanner Worth It?

Trade Ideas promo codes, Trade Ideas discounts and Trade Ideas coupons are available with rebates of a minimum of 15% and occasionally with 25% Off. Undoubtedly, Trade Ideas comes with a wealth of technology to be considered one of the leading premium stock screeners.

The existing educational tools (videos, blog articles, help guides) and intuitive navigation on the platform are helpful for beginners.

The subscription plans “standard ” and “premium” are not cheap compared to other screener platforms implemented in brokerage platforms. But especially day traders can benefit from multi-functional and entire flexible scanner configuration.

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