Trade Ideas Review 2018

Trade Ideas Review 2018: Trade Ideas Pro is by far more than just a trading platform and real-time stock market scanner. Trade Ideas Pro comes with groundbreaking functionalities. Traders do not only benefit from state of the art tradig tool design, real-time market scans for thousands of stocks and extensive customization options [Bonus: Trade Ideas Promo Code]

Trade Ideas Review - Platform Overview

​Traders gain access to the fastest self-learning Artificial Intelligence Engine available for retail investors. Before market open, Trade Ideas Software let traders know, the best trading strategiesfor the upcoming day!

Trade Ideas Pro Logo

Trade Ideas Pro

Furthermore, during the trading day, Trade Ideas Pro informs whenever strategie criteria are met and immediately let traders know, what stock at what price fits those criteria. 

Today you will learn, what Trade Ideas Pro can do for your, what the best functionalities are and how you can join the Live Trading Chat room for free! Furthermore, we provide you with a step by step Trade Ideas Pro installation tutorial.

This will guide you through the whole installation process and gives you in-depth insights. Learn how to access premium functionalities most users do not even know about yet!

Trade Ideas Pro is the core engine.

Trade Ideas Pro Strategies

Trade Ideas Pro Strategies

Trade Ideas Pro is available as a standalone version for Windows PC´s as well as web-based application. With those two options you can basicly access Trade Ideas just from anywhere.

No matter if you login via PC or your mobile device, Trade Ideas is with you - anywhere.

Other trading platforms and market screener do have one major problem. Most time you save your strategies localy. Either on your PC or your mobile device. Not with Trade Ideas Pro.

When you decide to use Trade Ideas Pro as your trading tool of choice, then you can save any of your trading strategies in the Trade Ideas cloud.

This way you not only can access Trade Ideas Pro from anywhere, you also can access all your trading strategies from anywhere as well. And if you prefer to save it as a file on your PC, you are welcome to do this as well. And this is one of the major advantages.

There are so many features, where Trade Ideas gives you the choice instead of forcing you to use a predefined approach. Continue reading our Trade Ideas Review to find out more about the great functionalities, newest features, free special offers and discounts.

Trade Ideas Quant - Say hello to "Holly"

Artificial intelligence (A.I) makes Trade Ideas to what it is right now. There is no comparable product on the market right now.

Trade Ideas Quant Robot - called "Holly" does the job for you.

Every day Holly scans the whole stock and options market.

Powerful algorithms scan thousands of stocks overnight to provide you with the highest probability trading strategies for the next trading day.

There are long and short strategies available.

Trade Ideas Holly

Trade Ideas Holly

Thanks to Holly, that Trade Ideas Pro updates in realtime and let you know, where a entry-strategie or exit-condition was found.

Not only that you know the strategies ahead of market open, you also get notified when strategy cirteria are met. Furthermore just with the entry signal, you get informed about the stop-level and the profit target.

This is a realy hughe advantage in comparison to other signal services! No human error, no human delay. You dont need to write one single line of code, Trade Ideas Pro does all the hard work for you. From beginner to pro - Trade Ideas is the right choice.

Trade Ideas Testimonials

I am learning so much in your trading room and your webinars are great.

Colt W.

Awesome scanner. Yes, free trade of the week delivered to your inbox. Barrie is the moderator for the free trading chat room, and is great at what he does. The proof is in the pudding folks. If you are skeptical, join the FREE chat, follow along, and see for yourself.

Giacinto D.

“It’s been a while since I used the word “RADICAL”, but… If the market were a skate park, Trade Ideas is the skateboard that allows me to drop in like a wizard and carve walls all day long.

John K.

Trade Ideas is the best on the market hands down!!! I can’t express enough… You Rock, Dan!!!

Jefferc C.

What I said in the trading room was very true, I have literally spent thousands and thousands of dollars on every “traders course” that is on the internet I am sure and I have never seen anyone take the time and have the patience to explain theories etc as you do and I sincerely thank you as do every one in the room I am sure. Thanks again Barrie.

Don L.

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This is all what you need if you want to succeed as a trader.

The Trade Ideas OddsMaker

The OddsMaker changes the game of backtesting and is a central part of our Trade Ideas Review. When you are already familar with backtesting, then you know, that it can take hours and days to make a strategy "backtest-ready".

Furthermore you need a lot of historical data. That costs time and money. At the end you have to change the code with any new parameter that comes into play. With Trade Ideas OddsMaker it is different.

Trade Ideas proprietary Event Based backtesting enables traders to validate entrys and exits and how trading strategies have performed in the past. What differes the OddsMaker from other Backtesting and trade optimization tools, is that the OddsMaker needs only seconds to test a strategy.

The OddsMaker realy powerful and is integrated in Trade Ideas Pro.

Trade Ideas OddsMaker

Trade Ideas OddsMaker

Not only that you see the results per strategy in US-Dollar, you also see a stunning performance visualisation. How did a strategy perform each day? What is the risk-/reward ratio?

What is the capital curve? When where the biggest draw downs? What profit factor was related to the trading strategy? You get this information with a mouse click. We are realy faszinated about the Trade Ideas OddsMaker functionalities.

Trade Ideas Charts

Charting is another new feature available since release of Tade Ideas Pro 4.0. You can visualize every trade that meets your criteria inside a chart window. Again, Trade Ideas is ahead of its competition.

When you open a chart window, then you can select between different time frames (like 1-minute, 5-minute, 30-minute, daily time frame etc.) and Trade Ideas Pro does automaticly draw arrows inside the chart to visualize, where a trade was opened.

Trade Ideas Chart

Trade Ideas Chart

The times are over, where you have to scan charts manualy just to find the entry point of a trade. Now you have it in front of you with one single mouse click. It couldnt be more comfortable.

Dan Mirkin, CEO of Trade Ideas LLC empfasizes, that traditionaly charting is not the main focus of TI Pro. It is a feature created on clients requests. But instead of providing standard charting, the idea of this new  feature was to give clients a functionality thats not common in traditional charting packages and goes far beyond expectations.

Trade Ideas Alerts

Inside the alert window you get notified in realtime, whenever a trading strategy criteria is met. You can define the alters and filters on your own, or use the pre configured Trade Ideas Alert windows.

Furthermore you can chose between different columns and sort the table in the way you prefer. What stock gapped up more than 10% right at market open? What stock has a moving average cross right now?

What stock had earnings today and traded more than 500,000 stocks in the past 5 minutes? There are quiet no limitations. Make use of hundreds of filters and alerts!

Trader Ideas Alerts

Trader Ideas Alerts

Trade Ideas Top List

Imagine to have a stock screener that updates continiously based on your definitions. TradeIdeas streams the market data just inside your Trade Ideas Top List window.

During the trading day you always have the leaders right in front of you. What stock is up the most since market open?

What stock has the biggest trading volume in the past 5 minutes? What stock had the biggest retrace after a huge gap up?

With Trade Ideas Top lists you can do quiet everything in terms of monitoring and screening markets.

Trade Ideas Top List

Trade Ideas Top List

Trade Ideas Compare Count windows

This is a genius feature that allows visual comparison of any two strategies.

For instance, it allows the user to see real-time updates on which of the competing strategy have more frequent occurrences.

Measure the ratio between stocks that are up and are down from the open. Measure the ratio beween winners and loosers.

Measure the ratio of stocks above the average volume and below and much more.

Trade Ideas Compare Count Window

Trade Ideas Compare Count Window

Trade Ideas full quote window

The full stock quote windows allows it users visualize the elementary data related to a stock. Price, volume, earnings date, relative volume, 52 weeks high, open, high low close of the day.

You define what you see. Onother Trade Ideas feature thats completely flexible to use. Focus on the data thats essentialy for your investment decition. Visualize and trade.

Trade Ideas Full Quote Window

Trade Ideas Full Quote Window

Trade Ideas Chat Room & Support

To make it short. Trade Ideas customer support is great as well. During the Trade Ideas Review we had to realize, that the Trade Ideas is far ahed of their competitors. You find dozens of positive reviews and testimonials on Trade Ideas website and allover the internet.

Trade Ideas staff answers your questions in a short period of time. They make sure, that you are a satisfied customer from the beginning. On the Trade Ideas website you find step to step guidance for Trade Ideas Pro.

There are also instant messaging services where your questions get answered right away. We tested it and can confirm, that the customer support is great. You know, social media is relevant allover the place.

You find Trade Ideas on YouTube, Twitter, Faceboo, Tumblr, StockTwits and Blogspot. Thousends of satisfied clients use Trade Ideas Pro to make a solid income trading stocks and options. 

Something you have to get used to is that there are only a few limitiations when using Trade Ideas products and services. Thats probalby one of the reasons, why the client base grow that fast.

What we also like, is that Trade Ideas provides every new user with an one on one trading. In this 60 minutes you can ask your personal coach everything about Trade Ideas. He will make sure, that you can start right away without problems.

​When you sign up for the Trade Ideas Trade of the week, you receive a free trading strategy every week. There are also invitations to free webinars every week . Ask yourself, when was the last time attending a webinar where the CEO was on board explaining newest trends, functionalities and answering clients questions?

​Dan Mirkin in online quiet every day and interacts with clients. You can ask him your questions and he responds directly. Chat with him in the Live Trading Chat Room. You can login for free!

The Trade Ideas Trade of the week - Free Newsletter

As a Subscribers of Trade of the Week you get a trading setup in your inbox every week.

The Trade of the week contains a chart and detailed description on how the trade was identified.

As a subscribers you learn, how to spot those setups on your own to help you with your trading.

The Trade of the week is a free offer. You can start whenever you like.Plus: You receive Promo Codes on a regular basis.

Trade Ideas Trade of the week (TOW)

Trade Ideas Trade of the week (TOW)

Trade Ideas Review Summary

​Trade Ideas is one of the most innovative trading software tools we came across in the last years. From the beginning we where fascinated about this trading software suite.

The fact, that there is nearly no limitation on how to use Trade Ideas Pro, along with the great customer support makes Trade Ideas Pro unique.

Sure, there is allways something you like to have additionally. But you know what? Trade Ideas is listening!

As a client you can make recommendations and they add them to the feature request list. In the last years, we also made suggestions and some of them where implemented.

Thats fascinating - isnt it?

Trade Ideas is realy effective and efficient! What do we like the most? Holly! It is amazing how Holly does beat the market every week - live, in real-time!

Dont wait, sign up today! Start with the Trade of the week and use the free Trading Chat Room.

As a Trade of the week subscriber you can login to the free Trading Chat Room, you receive webinar invitations and huge promotion discounts!

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